Bright Dental Plan's vision is to make paying for dentistry simple and affordable. For a low annual membership fee - starting at only $109.00 year - you and your family can enjoy free oral exams and x-rays, plus 20-30% savings on all dental procedures at affiliated Bright Dental Plan offices.

  • Primary Member: Bright Smiles Member Since: January 2018 Plan ID: 0001 * This is not Insurance
  • Individual Plan
  • $ 109 per year
  • Primary Member: Bright Smiles Member Since: January 2018 Plan ID: 0002 * This is not Insurance
  • Two Individuals Plan
  • $ 129 per year
  • Primary Member: Bright Smiles Member Since: January 2018 Plan ID: 0003 * This is not Insurance
  • Family Plan*
  • $ 159 per year
Our most popular membership option - up to 10 family members allowed!


You'll receive quality dental care at a fraction of the costs as a member with Bright Dental Plan.

Here are some of the most common dental services and what you’ll pay as a member with Bright Dental Plan vs. Normal Retail Fees:

Code Procedure Description Retail Fee* Member Fee* Member Savings*
D0140 Limited Oral Evaluation $52.00 FREE** 100%
D0150 Comprehensive Oral Evaluation $90.00 FREE** 100%
D0210 X-Rays - Intraoral Complete Series $138.00 FREE** 100%
D0274 Bitewings - Four Images $68.00 FREE** 100%
D0330 X-Rays - Panoramic $117.00 FREE** 100%
D1110 Adult Cleaning $95.00 $67.00 30%
D1120 Child Cleaning $73.00 $51.00 30%
D2330 Composite - One Surface, Anterior $175.00 $131.00 25%
D2335 Composite - Four/More Surfaces, Anterior $353.00 $265.00 25%
D2740 Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic $1,183.00 $946.00 20%
D2750 Crown - Porcelain/High Noble Metail $1,169.00 $935.00 20%
D5110 Complete Denture - Maxillary $1,807.00 $1,446.00 20%
D7140 Extraction - Erupted Tooth/Exposed Root $193.00 $154.00 20%
**Free Procedures are limited to 2x per member/per annual membership term.

*The Member Fee is the total amount Bright Dental Plan members pay out-of-pocket for dental services rendered at dental offices affiliated with the plan. Member Fees and Member Savings are subject to change and may vary by office. Member Savings and plan incentives are exclusive to affiliated offices. Please speak with your affiliated Bright Dental Plan office prior to beginning treatment.


Unlike traditional dental insurance plans that are filled with red tape, Bright Dental Plan is straightforward and easy-to-use.

  • NO Exclusions

    Our dental plan has no exclusions or limitations so everyone is eligible for immediate plan acceptance.

  • NO Waiting Periods

    Our dental plan has no waiting periods so you're able to use your plan membership immediately after you're enrolled.

  • NO Maximums

    Our dental plan has no maximums so you and your family can use your plan membership as frequently as needed.

  • NO Deductibles

    Our dental plan has no deductibles so you'll never have any additional plan costs outside your plan's annual membership fee.

  • NO Claims Process

    Our dental plan has no claims so you'll simply pay the discount amount directly to your affiliated office for services rendered.

  • NO Hassles

    Our dental plan has no hassles so you'll never again have to worry about how you'll afford and pay for your dental care.

How it works

We think that your dental plan should be like your teeth: straightforward.

That's why Bright Dental Plan makes paying for dental care affordable for any budget and simple as 1-2-3.


Pick Your Plan

If you're in need of a dental plan for yourself or your entire family, we have you covered with our Individual, Two Individuals, or Family plan options.


Choose Your Office

To locate a participating office in your area, simply find an office online or call us at (888) 231-9177 to speak with a Member Support Specialist.


Save Money & Smile

Get the dental care and procedures you and your family needs, at a fraction of the cost. There's no waiting periods so your savings start right away.